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Save online videos for offline viewing in two quick steps

ytdplus-nsl-frontpage-222x225 YouTube Downloader Plus is the recommended tool for all the online video enthusiasts. It’s fast, easy-to-work with and offers an elegant interface stripped of any unnecessary boxes and buttons. The app supports multiple simultaneous downloads and conversion into various formats such as AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, WMV, or MP3. To download avideo you want, simply run YouTube Downloader Plus and copy the URL of the video page. For greater handiness the app will automatically paste it for you when you click on the ‘New Download’ box (top left) and from there, after selecting the format you want your file saved (tick the ‘Convert when done’ box and scroll through the options below), you just need to click OK to initiate the download.

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YouTube Downloader Plus RT – Merging Website Options and Powerful Downloading Features into One

YouTube: Make the Most of It!

youtube-dowloader-plus-rt-card-200x250 YouTube Downloader Plus RT was created right from the start to be as user-friendly as possible, having easy settings, an uncluttered interface and the ability to configure and track downloads quickly. You can easily search from within the app for specific clips or check out the most popular videos at the moment on the start window. Moreover, the program allows you to list the most popular YouTube videos based on a category you indicate. With YouTube Downloader Plus RT you can download videos from YouTube in the mp4 format or as mp3 (audio only) files.

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YouTube Downloader Plus For Windows 8 Phone – a well-polished interface to make your interaction with the app smooth and flawless

It saves your videos on your Windows phone

ytdp-w8p-200x250 YouTube Downloader Plus is definitely the tool you want if you’re looking to save online video on your Windows phone for offline watching. It’s fast, extremely user-friendly and uses a simple and chic interface that makes browsing and downloading a fun, rewarding experience.The app supports multiple types of download depending on the quality at which you want to save your videos. From the Downloaded window you can easily view the videos you have saved, play or delete a video. Given its efficiency, look and overall performance, Youtube Downloader Plus is bound to quickly become a favorite on Windows Phone.

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Instant conversion, multiple formats supported.